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Eye Cover With Ear Loop Mask - 50 per case

Eye Cover With Ear Loop Mask - 50 per case


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    Vital protection for your eyes, nose, and mouth when you're caring for someone who's injured or you're cleaning up bodily fluids and bio-hazardous materials. One size fits all. Mask has a foam strip on back to prevent condensation from escaping and fogging up eyeglasses. Wraparound eye shield provides maximum eye and facial protection. Latex free masks have a breathable, fluid-resistant polypropylene facing, and full width covered nosepiece. Exceed the AORN standard of 95% bacterial filtration efficiency. Blue.

SKU: DY2202

50 Per Box, Face Mask Surg W/ Ties
50 Per Box, Face Mask Surg W/ Ties
Surgical masks include a glass-free fiber. Latex free face mask includes a ear loop for more support. Protects against exposure. Pathogens are blocked out and mouth is completely protected.
50 Per Box, Blue Face Mask Molded
50 Per Box, Blue Face Mask Molded
Molded Face Maks are a soft, molded material sure to last you a while. Latex free, includes an adjustable aluminum nose piece to conform to your nose. Dual head straps are also supplied for a tight, secure fit. Soft edges to conform to your head. Fluid Resistant.

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