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    Packaged in a soft red pouch and features a patented one-way valve with filter. Prevents mouth-to-mouth contact with victim's face. Leak-proof seal, re-inflated contoured soft vinyl cuff shapes easily to adult, child and infant facial contours. Transparent dome allows rescuer to check victim's mouth for lip color and secretions. Mask is ready to use with no need to assemble valve and filter, saving valuable time in emergencies. Recognized by all major guarding agencies. Comes with gloves and a wipe. (Comes with head strap and o2 inlet not shown in picture)

1 Person, CPR Pack - 1 set per box
1 Person, CPR Pack - 1 set per box
CPR EMERGENCY KIT CPR can keep a person alive until more advanced procedures (such as defibrillation - an electric shock to the chest) can treat the cardiac arrest. Kit Contents: CPR one-way valve faceshield Latex free, 2 large exam quality gloves 3 antiseptic cleansing wipes (sting free).
Ambu Res-cue Key Latex Free, CPR One-Way Valve Faceshield
Ambu Res-cue Key Latex Free, CPR One-Way Valve Faceshield
This inexpensive Ambu Res-cue Key, CPR One-Way Valve Face shield is very easy to use. It is suitable for children and adults. One-way valve face shield prevents direct contact with the patient's mouth, nose, and face. Elastic ear bands fit over the patient's ears to keep the mask in place.

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